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Places You'll Pray is an ongoing multimedia project about Muslims praying in locations outside of a designated prayer area and/or a Mosque. The project originally began in 2015 and has now become a Master of Arts thesis project and a global Instagram account that curates images daily from around the world. Places You'll Pray is also a Goldziher Award recipient and has been featured on Buzzfeed, Quartz, HuffPo, Good Morning America, and more.


Maghrib To Maghrib is a social media community engagement project and a continuation of a personal blog started in 2012 by Sana Ullah as she documented her fasting days in college during the Islamic calendar month of Ramadan. Since 2017, the project has created daily prompts for social users to contribute their own Ramadan experiences while using the #MaghribToMaghrib to connect stories with one another.


In the winter of 2015-2016, a few weeks before Trump's Inauguration, Sana Ullah and a group of 3 other students from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design were given a full scholarship to travel to Jerusalem to tell photojournalistic stories about "borders." What Ullah intended to take photos of changed drastically due to her own personal experiences with the program, its instructor(s), and being in Jerusalem as a visible Muslim American Bangladeshi. This project is not about borders. It is a recollection of memories and personal experiences throughout the trip.


Although midwifery has been
around for centuries and practiced in all parts of the world, increasing numbers of women
are now beginning to search birthing options besides an obstetrician at a hospital. The Rise of Midwives is a multimedia project created by Sana Ullah during her first year in the New Media Photojournalism Master of Arts program at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. 

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